#LentBookClub Sheep Fair Day 20180322 | grahart

I really liked this poem by Kerry Hardie. It reminded me of that wonderfully thin book, “the practice of the presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. This poem, somewhat more visceral and tactile than his book, brings into sharp relief the solidity of the incarnation. Of course, and I do mean of course, God knows what it is to be human, but perhaps by us making the effort to say things we think he ought to know (which of course he does) it draws our minds closer to what it is we are doing. We can start to consider “what would He do in this situation?” and no, thunderbolts are not involved…. even…

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Using Maths pedagogy to inform my Science teaching | Damian Benney

This is quite a niche blog, perhaps only of interest to Science and Maths teachers (if I am lucky). This blog owes a huge hat tip to @BenRogersEdu, @emc2andallthat and @mrbartonmaths. Ben’s blog, here, provided the nudge to trial bar modelling (along with @emc2andallthat’s blog and @DSGhataura’s tweets). Craig Barton’s wonderful book (How I wish I had taught Maths) is a must read for any Science teacher (and of course, Maths- and any other teacher to be honest) and I have more takeaways coming in a future blog.

As soon as I read Ben’s blog on bar modelling, I twigged that this would be a…

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Ofsted Grading IS On The Table. | Tom Sherrington

I was about to write a blog called Ofsted: Good Cop, Bad Cop, RoboCop  – exploring various aspects of engaging with Ofsted: the immense power and impact of the organisation, its tendency to make itself bullet proof against criticism (it’s what parents want, no system will ever be totally reliable, that’s the DFE – nothing to do with us, etc) all set against the general all-round disarming niceness and reasonableness of all the actual people.  But that blog can wait…..

As someone who is fiercely committed to the idea that Ofsted grading is a negative force in our education system, I am…

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#LentBookClub Rublev 20180321 | grahart

Love paintings and icons.

Must be something to do with my eyesight, but there something wonderful about a stillness and a frozenness about an image. It allows you to roam an eye over a picture and consider the tiny details missed when things are in motion.

So today in school we had a staff committee meeting about listening to each other, nonjudgmentally, noncompetitively, listening to details, empathetic. It’s a prelude to a future training session in which we set up a couple of people to be sounding boards for folk to go to if there are issues that need chewing over.

People are like…

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#LentBookClub “The Skylight” 20180320 | grahart

Long day, started at 0530 and finished at 2000 after one of the longest but nicest parents’ evening I’ve been to. One in which the “so what are you going to do about it” was aimed at the students rather than the teacher.

Many years ago I found a book called “feel the fear but do it anyway”, read it on the train back from an Inset day up in London, and it’s message of recognising that the feeling we humans get about change is a psychological reaction to uncertainty rather than a portent of doom. It inspired me to change jobs then, and 13 years later when this new job came up, it inspired me…

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