Almost 1 o’clock | Nick

It’s almost one o’clock in Edinburgh. Listen for the cannon…

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A Map of the Invisible – Journeys into Particle Physics by Jon Butterworth | chemistrypoet

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I have been on a journey myself over the last few years. It started when I read Professor Butterworth’s previous book, Smashing Physics, which tells the story of the discovery of the Higg’s boson at CERN, from the perspective of the experimentalists (Jon is an experimentalist who splits his time between UCL in London, and CERN in Geneva). The book got me interested in physics again.

(I’m a Chemist; an organic chemist. When I started University in the early 80s I thought I was going to be a Physicist; but I couldn’t hack it; I became a Chemist instead – but I don’t…

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#adventbookclub Day 17 Magi 20171217 | grahart

I’ve just come in from my second Christingle service of the day, and am utterly orangey-mincepie-sausageroll-and-hariboed out.  This on top of making the things this morning. Truly greater love hath no clergy spouse that he gives up his Sunday for oranged sweeties…..

Freshly hatched Christingles

How this relates to a bunch of magi wandering the desert in search of a king…? I reflected on the presents brought by these folk (never numbered, never gendered) and I wondered whether there was an application from the presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh – kingship, Godhood, death –  to the…

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#adventbookclub Day 16 Joseph 20171216 | grahart

Joseph the Carpenter, by Georges de la TourWho was Joseph? It’s all too easy to mythologise a chap who only appears a couple of times in the Gospels:  he is grumpy about Mary being pregnant, gets persuaded to look after her, takes her to Bethlehem, gets warned in (another) dream to escape to Egypt, returns to Nazareth. And then silence until a fateful journey to Jerusalem with family when Jesus goes missing and is found “in his father’s house”, the Temple.

And that’s it. But in those few paragraphs we find a man who is rooted in both heaven and earth.  My wife’s granny had a (to my mind…

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What If..? MyIB & MOOC PD | Stephen

At a recent MYP Coordinators’ network meeting we were discussing how – despite lots of moves towards quality control – we still had occasional concerns on the reliability of the received message from online and face-to-face (f2f) workshops. Whether this comes from an unclear message, a side conversation, a misunderstanding across languages or the participant’s personal filter, we don’t know, but it led me to think about what steps might be taken to reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding. 

If this is already in the pipeline, I’d love to know more about it…
The Proposal: IB…

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#adventbookclub Day 15 Zechariah 20171215 | grahart

Enforced silence is terrifying.  The lack of power, of will, of agency; the total reliance on others for basic needs….

A younger relative of ours waited till they were over two to start speaking: their friends were all at it, but it wasn’t until that age that the words came.  Their parents got fed up with “unggh”, and decided to teach him simple sign, so that they knew whether that monosyllable meant “hungry / thirsty / hot  / cold / teddy / any other random thing.”  This meant that simple requests could be handled with the minimum of tantrums from either side.  I guess Zechariah must have…

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Just what is blk water, and should you drink it? | katlday

Christmas is almost here! Are you ready yet? Are you fed up with people asking if you’re ready yet? Have you worked out what to buy for Great-uncle Nigel, who says he neither needs nor wants anything? Always a tricky scenario, that. Consumables are often a safe fallback position. They don’t clutter up the house, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice box of luxury biscuits, or chocolates, or a bottle of champagne, or spirts, or a case of blk water.

Wait, what?

Yes, this mysterious product turned up in my feed a few weeks ago. It’s water (well, so they say), but it’s black. Actually black. Not just…

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