National Baccalaureate for England: Join in; sign up with @natbacctrust | Tom Sherrington

In our view, establishing a National Baccalaureate for England is a policy gift for anyone responsible for taking our education system forward.  Thankfully, we don’t have to wait.  Schools and colleges can get started right away.

The National Baccalaureate for England now exists as a framework for ensuring all learners have a rich, broad curriculum experience throughout their school life, giving recognition for all their achievements.

The model is simple:  Core Learning + Personal Project + Personal Development Programme.

Details about the Nat Bacc core principles can be found here:…

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Beyond Growth Mindset: Two videos. | Tom Sherrington

In the last couple of weeks I’ve come across two excellent videos that present ideas that I think are incredibly powerful for helping students and teachers think about learning.  Some times, when people talk about growth mindset, it’s so incredibly nebulous that I can’t quite imagine what’s going to change.  Simply urging students to adopt a new mindset or tinkering with your language or merely embracing a  generalised GM spirit – are unlikely to cut through to the technical issues of effective learning.

Video 1:  Six Strategies for Effective Learning. The Learning Scientists.

This video…

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Teaching and Learning Research Summaries: A collection for easy access. | Tom Sherrington

There are several superb summaries of educational research that have been compiled into easily accessible websites and articles in pdf format that can be read online and shared with staff. Although they are easy to find via an internet search, I am pulling them together into one place for easy access.   I’ll keep adding to it as I find things and when people make suggestions:

John Dunlosky: Strengthening the Student Toolbox

Click to Download 

Barak Rosenshine: Principles of Instruction

Click to Download 

Rob Coe et al:  What makes great teaching. 

Download here. 

James Ko et al:…

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Out of the darkness. | Tom Sherrington

In the last couple of weeks I’ve started to feel that I’m emerging from a dark tunnel. There is light! I’m not sure exactly where the tracks are leading to but, right now, I don’t really mind. There are plenty of new possibilities and I’m up for finding out.   At the moment I can’t imagine going back to being a Headteacher – or even working in a school at all.   A bubble of self-belief has burst… something I may never get back. Time will tell.

I wanted to write this to record something about the dark period; it’s part of the process of leaving it behind.  It feels like a good time now for a…

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Teaching to the Top: Attitudes and strategies for delivering real challenge. | Tom Sherrington


Teaching to top has been a long-standing principle of effective teaching from my perspective.  One of my early blogs was ‘Gifted and Talented Provision: A Total Philosophy‘ and it remains one of the topics I am asked to talk about most often in CPD sessions.  I no longer think that Gifted and Talented is a helpful label – it never was – but the principles are the same.  I’ve also covered this topic The Anatomy of High Expectations.

As I’ve said previously, I firmly believe that too many students are systematically underchallenged at school, especially in the years…

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Finding peace: Grief, solidarity and resolve. Responses to radicalisation. | Tom Sherrington

Monday night’s bombing in Manchester was such an outrage.  It’s hard to process.  There are so many emotions to deal with.  For all those affected, there’s the personal grief; the heart-breaking disaster of losing a child or a parent, a colleague.  However hard we try to empathise from afar, we can’t get close to the pain people will be suffering.  The loss of each individual is an appalling life-changing event for their families and friends.  It will take them years; bereavement lasts a lifetime.  I’ve written previously,  (Dealing with grief) about the way schools and colleges can be…

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EVENT: Powerful Curriculum Design | Tom Sherrington

If you are interested in curriculum design, this one-day course could be the perfect opportunity to explore a range of powerful ideas to take your school forward.  Martin Robinson and I will be delivering the programme based on our experience working with schools around the country.

Please come and join us for what promises to be an excellent day.

The Eventbrite page for bookings is here.   The price is very competitive with any similar event and we’re confident it provides excellent value.

You can download a pdf flyer here: PowerfulCurriculumDesign

Here is the programme overview….

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