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Teaching Fundamentals 2: Be precise about what you want to be learned. | Tom Sherrington


This is the second instalment in a series on teaching fundamentals: aspects of teaching that are vital to get right, but are often areas for improvement.

Something that I see quite often when observing lessons is that teachers throw a lot of ideas up into the air during their exposition or questioning without being clear enough about which elements matter most; without spelling out what is essential knowledge and what is background. This leaves students to pick up bits and pieces rather than having something very secure on which to base subsequent learning – especially those…

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Edu-Twitter Rules OK.  | Tom Sherrington

I’m writing this reflection as my Twitter account recently passed the 50,000 followers milestone. It’s not something I ever expected to happen;  it doesn’t seem all that long ago when Vic Goddard sent me a tweet saying he was my 50th follower, back in May 2012.  For a long time I’ve been aware that a significant following carries some responsibilities and risks – but mainly it is a great joy. It’s wonderful to be able to connect with so many people. (Yeah, I know, some will be bots but what can you do? And they’re not all personal friends – I know that too). Apart from during holidays and…

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Equation recall test | IanH

This was supposed to be a really quick job. For something I’m working on, I was looking at the equations students need to recall for the GCSE Physics exam (specifically AQA). And it annoyed me that they weren’t in a useful order, or a useful format for testing. So I’ve made a testing sheet, with pages for Energy, ‘mostly Electricity’ and Forces.

There are four columns, which are blank in the first three pages (for students) but completed in the answer sheet version. Because I’m good to you.
Download eqn testing sheets as PDF

Equation for…

I’ve given the word, not the symbol – thoughts?…

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Building a Free Resource-Sharing Directory. | Tom Sherrington

File:Gnome-x-office-address-book.svgThere are so many great blogs and sites out there where people share free high quality resources for teachers in specific subjects.  I thought I could put my twitter and blog reach to good use by creating a directory to make it easy for people to find things.  I’m sure there are others but this is another contribution. 

I am interested mainly in teachers’ sites where they share resources for free; I’m not interested in commercial products or people selling things.  I am not interested in blogs unless they provide downloadable resources. 

If you have a…

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Annotate in Word and more with Office 365 Drawing and Inking Tools | Danny Nicholson

With a recent update to Office 365 there’s a whole new set of drawing and annotation tools that let you scribble directly into Word, Excel, One Note, PowerPoint and more. There have been inking tools in Office for a while now (You could find them under Review -> Start Inking), but I always found them […]

Annotate in Word and more with Office 365 Drawing and Inking Tools
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