We Teach The Right Things, Efficiently. | BenRogers

I don’t go to work thinking that outstanding teaching transforms lives. Is that controversial?

I think expert teaching is more relentless and mechanistic than that. I think expert teaching involves doing the right things well, thoughtfully, over and over again.

I’ve found the right place for me. Paradigm Trust has a teaching and learning ‘motto’ – it’s not about transforming lives; it’s not about being exceptional.We teach the right things. Last year we developed our own KS1-3 knowledge curriculum for science, history, geography and RE. We’ve got the subject expertise and we understand…

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Rename Image Files in Folders | Nick

This is a Python script to walk a directory tree, renaming .jpg and .JPG files. It was written for a client who had a directory containing multiple directories, each containing zero or more (up to 100) image files. Most of the images were named <abitrary name 1>.jpg or <arbitrary name 2>.JPG.

The client wanted each folder’s images to be numbered 001.jpg to nnn.jpg for some further process.
import os
import imghdr

def renamefiles(path):
n = 0
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(rootstructure):
for f in files:
if os.getcwd() != root:
n =…

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What next after post 16? What August brings! | Mr J Dexter

First Thursday in August, big day for 17/18 year olds their families and teachers. A Level and Btec results out and some decisions about the steps after school or college. Here is a bit of advice from my 20 years as a head of sixth form Don’t muddle up two pieces of news: Results and Next … Continue reading “What next after post 16? What August brings!”

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Disengaged boys: just make it a competition, right? | Adam

A while back I’d just finished a unit in a double lesson with my year 11s. We had about 15 minutes to go so I let them do some free revision, either making sure they had answered all questions set or get on with some retrieval practice on Quizlet. Almost all of them took it seriously, other than Danny. Danny was a Disengaged Boy. He couldn’t care less about his GCSEs and was utterly uninterested by the whole process. I had been told not to get into confrontations with him, but I could try and engage him by using baseball. Apparently he loved baseball.

As usual, Danny just put his head on…

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#poetry The Ballard of Jimmy Anderson 20180812 | grahart

Day two, Lords, England v India
A daft shanty written whilst on the tube …

It was at Lord’s one August day

Bowler fast, bowler fair

Jimmy strode to face the foe

And he blew the wickets down.

Oh Jimmy Anderson, striding out with ball in hand

Oh Jimmy Anderson, and he blew the wickets down!

First up was the fine Vijay

Bowler fast bowler fair,

The bails flew off around his hair,

And he blew the wicket down

Rahul was then caught behind

Bowler fast, bowler fair

Bairstow’s gloves were just in time

Jimmy blew the wickets down

Oh Jimmy Anderson, striding out with…

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