Global education and science – refugees and migrants | Rob Butler

In recent years several high profile celebrities and politicians have used derogatory and inflammatory terms to describe refugees and migrants. As the opinions of young people are influenced by the media, their family and their peers, we decided to celebrate Refugee Week to counter this negative images. In the run-up to Refugee Week teachers were asked to … Continue reading “Global education and science – refugees and migrants”

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The Chartered College of Teaching. Who counts? | Tom Sherrington

I want to explore two issues in this post.  Firstly, who and what is the Chartered College of Teaching for?   I am reading a lot of commentary on twitter focusing on its role in giving teachers a voice.  This then fuels the second issue – who should be on the Council leading the College?  It’s a hotly debated topic.

I’m a bit confused about this debate, to be honest.  Isn’t it in the name? Chartered College of Teaching? It’s not the Chartered College of Teachers.  To me, that’s a significant difference.  We already have unions – with vast memberships – giving teachers a voice as teachers…

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Marking and feedback |

Whole class marking using a generic feedback sheet I use a variety of these sheets depending on the class. But the principle is the same. 
I complete a sheet with the general class feedback, they then (after some training on how to do it) complete a personalised sheet for their own work/test. They then stick them both into books or folders. 
I complete the sheet in A4, then shrink to A5 with the blank on the bottom of the A4 sheet dso they both fit on one. marking-crib-sheets.pptxFile Size: 320…

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Get Into Teaching. The best job going. | Tom Sherrington

One of the great joys of my current work as a travelling education consultant and teacher trainer is that I get to meet teachers everywhere; all over the UK; all over the world.  Everywhere I go I encounter wonderful teams of people doing incredible work, full of energy, enthusiasm, a sense of mission; bursting with ideas, possibilities, passions…. and loving it.   This is teaching.

If you are a teacher, think about all the reasons to be cheerful.  We have the best job; we work in the best places.  If you’re considering teaching, my advice is not to hesitate – go for it.  Join this great…

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