School walls are oozing with unhelpful growth mindset cheese…. | Tom Sherrington

google search:  motivational growth mindset posters. If you walk around a lot of schools these days and absorb the MESSAGE that emanates from the walls, you are likely to find yourself saturated by an oozing motivational cheeze-fest. (That’s a typo but it seems appropriate to keep it.).
FAIL: first attempt in learning
Don’t give up until you are proud. 
I can’t do this…. YET! = Perseverance
Instead of ‘I messed up’ say ‘mistakes make me learn’. 
Hard work + Dreams + Dedication = Success. 

Get these slogans blown up and laminated and plaster your corridors and walls in them… Bingo! Go…

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School Houses: Joyous eccentricity, tradition, culture… and the rest. | Tom Sherrington

Last week I was stuck on a train. I’d been to a school which has some great house names and, as I reflected on my own experience of  house systems in various schools, I put out a casual tweet.  Normally you get a few responses – a bit of passing interest – but the responses to this was huge.  Over 1000 twitter replies.   You can see the whole thread here – although this doesn’t include all those who quote-tweeted their responses.  I started off by engaging with all the replies but soon gave up.

Hello Twitter. Please RT and reply with the names of your school’s houses and their overall…

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Times tables, retrieval practice, and what I’ve learned from Y3 | dodiscimus

My son and I have just made a major breakthrough with his times tables. I think it’s taught me something about retrieval practice that I hadn’t appreciated before.

My son attends a lovely school, as far as I can tell his teachers are great, and he was “working at greater depth” across his KS1 assessments (though I believe it was quite tight for writing). He is a boy who would rather be tearing around outside or playing a noisy board game than doing something calm and studious like colouring or reading but he was one of the first children in his peer group capable of sitting still through a…

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