Are teachers on Twitter living in a echo chamber/filter bubble? | Rob Butler

The Oxford Dictionary gives the definition of an echo chamber as “An environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered“. Similarly, the Oxford Dictionary defines a filter bubble as “A situation in which an Internet … Continue reading “Are teachers on Twitter living in a echo chamber/filter bubble?”

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🙏 @teacherhead Blog 500 🙏 | Tom Sherrington

Wow! I’ve checked the blog stats and I’m astonished to see that I have notched up 500 blog posts.  This is Blog 500 – which is a bit meta because it’s a not much more than a blog about being the 500th blog post.

Except, it gives me a chance to reflect on the whole thing – of having a blog; of being a blogger – and to say a few thank yous.

A reminder of where it started:  May 2012; an Essex Heads’ event where Alan November was talking about getting students involved with social media and blogging.  I was sitting with Vic Goddard. He was dead famous after Educating Essex with a zillion…

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Questioning Questioning: SASFE18 | tlamjs

This year sees the third St Albans School Forum on Education (SASFE) on Saturday 12th May. An energetic conference with a small-scale and very human touch; delegates are not there to make up the numbers but are part of a forum. SASFE is very much built on the successes of conferences such as the Schools History Project, TLAB, Pedagoo and other events of that ilk. There is no hidden agenda, no corporate branding and it is not-for-profit. We simply put on an event hosted by teachers, for teachers, listening to and learning from our peers. Taking the best aspects of a TeachMeet and combining an…

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Retrieval Cues: Do Your Questions Help or Hinder? | BunsenBlue

It’s so easy, when we really want our pupils to answer a question correctly, that we give them cues to help them reach the answer. Sometimes we see our pupils still struggling and we become tempted to offer them a just-a-few more cues to help them get there. Finally, they give the correct answer and you both feel – well, thrilled!

Here’s the catch: is there a danger that your cues are hindering rather than helping the pupils you wish to see successful? Not all cues are born equal: some are more helpful than others.

In my experience, helping pupils encode new information becomes easier as…

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Great Fake Websites to Help Teach Students About Digital Literacy | Danny Nicholson

A lot of us take anything they read on the internet at face value. A simple Google search brings us the correct answer to any question we have. Or does it? An internet search might be a good place to start to find out about something, but we shouldn’t just trust the first website result […]

Great Fake Websites to Help Teach Students About Digital Literacy
The Whiteboard Blog – Education, Technology and Science CPD and Support

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Leaky pipeline or drip irrigation system | Carol

The leaky pipeline is a recurring metaphor in discussions about the gender balance in Science (especially physical sciences), Technology, Engineering and Maths (collectively, ‘STEM’).  Whether the field under discussion is academic or industrial, there is widespread concern about the fact that many of those who start in the field do not stay in the field in the longer term.

Images of a pipeline, with leaks, are regularly produced which show the percentage of women at different stages, and in different disciplines.  Alongside the images are headlines about ‘Plugging the leaks’, ‘Why women…

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#LentBookClub “The Kingdom” 20180319 | grahart

Just taken a bunch of students to the science centre in Winchester.  Best bit was the fabulous little fridge magnet which drives up the fridge door.  Which is just awesome.

I have a real love of tacky fridge magnets.  My beloved despaired every time I went to the Isle of Wight, and came back with yet another crustacean with articulated legs and pincers to flounce on the fridge door.  But I think she likes this one….

Such little things please us.  Like the kids today who had more fun putting their arms and faces in the spacesuit rather than reading the blurb which explained how the snake…

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