Aim 2: Alter My Planning Methods | TSTN

I have used the iDoceo app for about 5 years now. It was an incredible tool in my previous school where I was doing something completely novel with each class that crossed my path.

However, times have changed. I now find myself in the envious position of repeating 6 lessons 3 times in a week. Yes, that’s right, I only have to plan a grand total of 6 lessons each week and simply tweak them to meet my learners needs or time constraints.

I actually have time to plan a beautiful lesson! With complete resources! Which will be used time and time again! My days of using iDoceo to scribble down…

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#teaching using Lego 20170818 | grahart

Before someone else steals these ideas. I thought I’d scribble down some things to help out.

Lego is amazing.  The range of colours and shapes, from standard to Technics to the Bionicles, means you have a huge variety of things with which to teach.  So….
Lego chemicals.  Each kind of brick is an element.  This means you can create
atoms of an element (one brick),
molecules of an element (several bricks of the SAME kind of brick JOINED together),
compounds (several bricks of DIFFERENT kinds JOINED together)
mixtures (any of the first three jumbled together, but clearly keeping each…

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#notgb17 next week….. | grahart

How do you respond to hate?

I’m sat on the sofa in #HensWings, and it’s the day after A Level results and Barcelona: elation and delight on the one hand and despair and pain on the other.  I’m still getting the aftershocks of Charlottesville on the feed on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m very conscious that “evil prospers when good people do nothing”.  We can throw posts and memes around, but action requires putting hands in pockets and doing something to make the world a bit nicer, a bit fairer:  it involves putting your money where your meme is.

So, next weekend is the fifth (good grief)…

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#yorktu | maz

Linda – teacher prof development

Effective cpd is a partnership between teachers and slt. Focus,  does it make it better?  How do I know?  Evidence or expertise based?  Collaboration?  Bigger picture at school? 

Lucie – educational doctorate

Need time, finances, support. 

Start with a question,  three research papers,  project,  thesis, 

Need to find a gap in the field of research.  Question everything you read. Supervisor makes a difference, as do colleagues. 

Learn to manage supervisor.  Keep a research diary.  Supervisor and course team will develop skills. 

Looking for…

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